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Alggin is a proud distributor of the IPEX System 636 line of Type BH - PVC flue gas venting systems. This product complies with the ULC S636 standard, and is rated to a maximum
flue gas temperature of 65°C (149°F). This product is in stock now, and can be found in the "Miscellaneous Products" section of our trade catalog.


Have you tried the Ductmate Clutcher duct hanging system yet? This light weight, extremely strong system is designed for fast and easy installation, and is available in a variety of sizes for different weights. Click HERE to watch an installation video to see just how much time and labor this system can save for you.


YOUR EXTENDED FORECAST: 93% Efficiency with 100% Chance of Savings. Modine is please to introduce the Effinity93 (model PTC), the most efficient gas-fired unit heater in North America. With six models available - from 135,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr - all operating at 93% efficiency, the Effinity93 will dramatically lower energy costs through decreased gas consumption. For those looking to feel even more green, each unit will reduce CO2 output by roughly 13% versus comparable sized heaters. Please contact your Alggin sales representative for further information and pricing.
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New 93% Efficient Modine Unit Heater
Save Time hanging duct with Ductmate’s Clutcher
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